A Letter From The Founder

Welcome to the Team!

Fellow Patriots,

I started the Arkansas State Militia Corp. because so many people were complaining about our government and the rights that corrupt politicians have been taking away from us. It felt, to me, that not enough people were standing up and doing anything about it. You can't change anything by just complaining about it or sitting on your couch accepting that our rights are slowly being taken away! Our own country's government has taken God, the Bible, our freedom of speech, and countless other rights away from us. These rights are why our great country was founded in the first place. The idea that government cannot give or take these rights away because they are granted to us, not by law, but by God is what our true foundation in this country is. Folks I don't know what your beliefs are but honestly I know our government and many parts of the rest of world have all but started persecuting our beliefs, and what our great country represents as a nation and the vision our forefathers had in mind for us!

I believe that RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY IS NOT ONLY OBEDIENCE TO GOD BUT ALSO OUR DUTY TO OUR COUNTRY! I know you've all heard UNITED WE STAND OR DIVIDED WE FALL and folks if we don't stand together we are headed for some really hard times and it's our children and grandchildren that will pay the price! Please, open your eyes before it is too late!

There has been a quiet rage that has been building in this country for a long time. It started as a whisper and day by day it's getting louder and louder! More and more people are coming together and at some point you’re going to have to make a choice. Either wear the shackles and chains that some of our government has for us or STAND UP AND BREAK LOOSE THOSE CHAINS AND STAND TALL FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN AND RIP THE WOOL AWAY THAT OUR GOVERNMENT HAS TRIED TO PUT OVER OUR EYES!!! People don't realize what's going on around the world and in our country because the media doesn't report on it! There is so many people that don't mind being down on their knees in chains because they are comfortable with the way our government is infringing on our rights, but folks those aren't true Americans and I don't know about y'all but I'M GOING TO STAND AS TALL AS I CAN AND REFUSE THOSE SHACKLES, THOSE CHAINS. I'M GOING TO LIGHT FIRE TO THAT WOOL. THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, NOT SOME ENSLAVED COUNTRY THAT LET OTHERS TELL US HOW OUR COUNTRY SHOULD BE!!!!

This is the place where WE THE PEOPLE MAKE THE RULES AND WE DECIDE WHAT IS BEST FOR THIS COUNTRY! So to the ones on your knees, tied down by those shackles and chains, STAND UP. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! You’re not alone!!! There is no sense in being divided and falling into the governments arms. Remember, WE ARE THE PEOPLE ... Let us stand up! Let us stand together and make this country something to proud of. Let us stand up and open our family’s eyes! LETS STAND UP AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE before it's too late! LET US STAND BESIDE THE MEN AND WOMEN THAT FOUGHT TO MAKE THIS LAND FREE!! LET US STAND BESIDE OUR FOREFATHERS AND THE RIGHTS GOD GAVE US!! If we don't, all that our country was founded on and all that it represents will be dead and gone and so help me God I'm not going to stand around and let that happen! Are you? So what are you going to do? That’s exactly what your country wants to know. What will be your answer?

J. Flumm