Frequently Asked Questions

The main purpose for reviving the Militia tradition is to fight official abuse and corruption? Have things really come to that?

Sadly, yes. Most people are blissfully unaware of how bad things have become, or prefer not to see it or think about it. But it is approaching the point where more and more of them will be unable to sustain their state of ignorance or denial. It would be better to act now before things get much worse. The longer we wait, the more likely that there will be violent conflict, and we really don't need another civil war.

Can you provide evidence of any of this?

YES! There is plenty of evidence. It is readily available for those who want to make a little effort to find it, like the home page of this site. We can direct you to much of it, but don't just take our word on it. do the reserch yourself. After you read some of it you will readily understand why it is now time to activate the Militia across the country.

Is a Militia a Political Action Group?

The distinction between a political action group organized to promote Constitutional government and a militia is the military orientation and a political orientation of the former. Both groups must work together in support of mutual goals. Individuals may participate in both. But, the militia prepare, train, and equip as a response group in fashion of minutemen of Concord and Lexington for the defense of self and community.Therefore, to be recognized as a militia unit, the organization should adopt a written code of conduct and organization, have a distinctive uniform or method of identification, and implement a training program to fulfill the "well-regulated" disciplinary requirement of the Second Amendment.

What are the Terms of Membership?

  1. Membership in the Arkansas State Militia Corp is entirely voluntary and as such the new member has the right to withdraw at any time.
  2. All members are expected to train together as a fire team at least once per month. Squads will train together as a unit monthly. Meetings should be held twice per month.
  3. Memberships may be one of two types, active or inactive reserve, and may be changed any time at the discretion of the member or HQ. Members failing to meet the standards of the ASMC may be placed on reserve if more than two months of inactive service. Online activity is not considered service activities.
  4. Members who are on the roster as inactive reserve are expected to review the notes and lessons presented during the active drill sessions to remain current on the Squad/unit training program.
  5. Members understand that his/her relevant information (phone number and email address) will be furnished to the Company Commander to which they are assigned for the purpose of alert.
  6. ALL members are expected to participate in alerts by calling the designated members they are detailed to notify.
  7. In the event of an emergency, disaster, or crisis event all members will be expected to report in as directed in the alert or the alert plan of the unit.
  8. Physical fitness is to be self conducted and monitored.
  9. Marksmanship training will be conducted and monitored by the Company NCO.
  10. Any member choosing to resign from the Arkansas State Militia Corp is responsible for returning all unit equipment issued.
  11. New members will be required to complete Basic Individual Readiness Level 0 before participating in training of firearms.
  12. New members will be given 9 months in which to obtain the equipment listed as a Basic Individual Readiness. The lack of equipment is not a reason to miss training.
  13. NCO are responsible for maintaining training records for the squad.
  14. Training task will not be deem complete until verified by your Squad leader.

Do I need a weapon to join?

Each member is required to provide and maintain his own weapons, stocks of ammunition and deployment gear. Members are required to remain proficient in the maintenance and safe operation of their weapon; and to have on hand at all times 300 rounds for the rifle and 100 rounds per sidearm. Lacking the depth, resources and re-supply capabilities of a conventional military unit; Arkansas State Militia Corp members are urged to acquire at least 2000 rounds of ammunition and 12 magazines per rifle as well as a cleaning kit. Standardization in caliber and weapons type within each unit is strongly encouraged. Only during properly supervised training sessions will a member discharge his weapons. All members are expected to abide by all Rules and Constitutional Laws.

What kind of equipment will I need?

Each member will be issued an itemized list of certain personal and Unit equipment which he must procure and maintain. This equipment is necessary to the performance of his duties, personal sustenance and hygiene; and shall be maintained packed and ready for deployment at all times. A 20 minute or shorter departure capability is strongly recommended. Each member shall bring with them enough food rations and water to sustain them during meetings and field training. A new recruit should have at MINIMUM/RECOMENDED FIELD EQUIPMENT

  1. Weapon: Rifle, and/or shotgun, and/or sidearm.
  2. Load Bearing Tactical Vest consisting of:( Minimum )
  3. Field Equipment:
  4. Basic Survival Kit